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3Elements Experience: is our new concept that encapsulates the power of the 3 most powerful natural elements of our territory: earth, water, air. Panoramic roads, private boat tours, and an exclusive view from above the lake are the ultimate tailor-made experience.

Event planning: a vip or corporate event by the lake it’s an unforgettable experience. You can rely on your DMC Lake Como® from the planning to the follow up: creative idea, venue search, suppliers management, logistics and much more.

Driving Experiences: our driving experiences, either with your brand new cars (test drive) or a VIP tour with our old cars, guarantee the drivers safety and fun at the same time. Ask us for a tailor-made route through the winding streets of Lake Como.

Leisure experiences: for centuries, Lake Como has been beguiling people with its charm. Enjoy it from different perspectives thanks to boat tours or seaplane flights. We can even arrange exclusive ancient villas tours, museum visits and much more.

Entertainment: Lake Como is the perfect setting for astonishing performances either on the lake or on the land. Make your guests live a unique and unforgettable experience thanks to your DMC Lake Como®.

Institutional relations: it’s well known that burocracy in Italy it’s not that easy to be managed. We can make your life very easy taking care of all the institutional relations necessary to organise a successful event.

Logistics: Lake Como is a territory that, due to its morphology, hides many pitfalls. Our team members were born and raised here and know how to manage logistics either by water and land and every unexpected.